To attack the enemy simply swipe your finger across the screen. Each swipe you perform will attack the enemy once.


To dodge an enemy attack press one of the dodge buttons in the lower left and right hand portion of the screen.

Health Potions

When your character gets hurt you can heal yourself by clicking the Potion icon in the top left side of the screen.


If you are having trouble with an enemy or simply want to end a fight quickly, use the Pyboom button in the top right side of the screen to stun the enemy for a devastating combo.

Enemy Special Attacks

Enemies will occasionally perform special attacks that lets them hit the entire area around them. To avoid this, press the jump button that pops up on the screen. After pressing the button successfully, Horn will be able to stun the enemy by hitting them in the air. Swipe in the direction of the arrow while in air to perform an air attack. This will stun the enemy allowing Horn to unleash a devastating string of attacks.

Weak Points

Pygon all have weak points that when hit, will cause bonus damage that will allow you to defeat your opponent quicker.

Heavy Armor

Some enemies have armored pieces on their body that will deflect your attacks. Do not attack these heavily armored pieces and instead try to find weak points on the Pygon’s body that are more vulnerable to attack.

Combat Summary

After defeating a Pygon you will be graded on your performance. You will be graded in the following categories.

Damage Dealt is a score you are given based on how much damage you inflict on the enemy.
Armor broken is a bonus for breaking pieces of the Pygon armor.
Weakpoint damage awards you bonus points for exposing and damaging the Pygon weakpoint.
Time Taken is a bonus that you will get based on how long it took you to complete the fight.
Damage taken will reduce your score based on how much damage you took from the Pygon enemy.

Based on your total score you will be given a star rating out of 5 stars as well as awarded bonus Pygite for higher star ratings.

Special Enemies

Sub Bosses

Sub bosses come at the end of a level and are used to give a challenge. These enemies will be guarding one of the many seeds throughout the world. Be careful, these enemies are stronger than the typical Pygon! When the Pygon Enrages make sure to dodge! They cannot be interrupted from their rage and will do bonus damage.

Golden Enemies

When you return to an already completed mission you will get a special enemy that will often drop a rare item!

Pygon Mages

These enemies will shoot at Horn until they are taken out with Horn’s gauntlet. Shoot their projectiles out of the air to keep them from hitting you!


Tabs from left to right

  • Swords: Upgrade and build different swords for Horn.
  • Hammers: Upgrade and build different Hammers.
  • Axes: Upgrade and build different Axes.
  • Special Weapons: Upgrade and build different weapons like Scythes or more fun weapons.
  • Amulets: Build or upgrade Amulets.
  • Costumes: Buy new costumes for Horn to wear to customize your look.
  • Items: Buy Health potions and Pyboom for Horn to use.
  • Packages: Buy packs of Pygite or specially designed packs of items.


It is much easier for Horn to build equipment and upgrades when at a forge. If you have to upgrade or buy weapons when not near a forge it will require additional effort and therefore more Pygite for Horn to work with.



Horn can build different weapons out of the Pygite he finds around the world. You can use different weapons to cater to your desired playstyle. Find blueprints to allow Horn to build new weapons and items.


Amulets are used to complement your weapons and allow you to build your character the way you want to play. If you are lacking health you can buy a health amulet. Alternatively, if you are an expert player and want to maximize your damage, you can buy attack heavy amulets to let you finish off enemies as quickly as possible.


Being a blacksmith, Horn is able to build weapons. Horn can find blueprints for weapons and amulets scattered around the world and from tough pygon enemies. By replaying missions you can find many hidden blueprints that will allow Horn to build all new equipment.

Slide across the screen to scroll between items and press and item to select it.

Press Equip it you already own the item to have Horn use it.

If you haven’t yet built the weapon, press “Forge” to built it using the Pygite and Pygon Cores you have collected.


Click on the desired attribute in the inventory menu. You can see in the box what the current stat is for the item as well as what it will be when it is upgraded. To upgrade, highlight the desired attribute and click the “Upgrade” button.

Attack: Attack will dictate how much damage you do to an enemy. Upgrade Attack to do more damage to the enemy.

Health: Health is affect how many hits you can take. Upgrade health to take more hits before dying.

Critical Strike: Critical Strike is a random chance to do double damage to the enemy. Upgrade Critical Strike to increase your chance of doing double damage.

Light: Light Damage will drain Pygon health and add it to your own. Upgrade Light to increase the amount of health you drain from the Pygon.

Ice: Ice lowers Pygon defenses allowing you to do more damage to the Pygon. Upgrade Ice to make your attacks more effective the more you hit.

Fire: Fire burns Pygons for bonus damage after you hit enemy. Upgrade Fire to increase the amount of bonus damage you do.

Luck: Luck inceases the amount of Pygite that you collect from the world and from defeating Pygon. Upgrade Luck to increase the amount of Pygite you collect in the game.


Title Screen

Select one of the 3 save slots available.

Click Start to begin the game with the selected save.

Click “New Adventure” in one of your free save slots and press Start to begin a new game.

Press delete to delete the highlighted save file.

Main Menu

Top of the screen from left to right

  • Back Button: Used to return to the game
  • Your current and maximum health
  • The current number of potions in your inventory
  • The current number of Pyboom in your inventory
  • Your current Pygon Core count
  • The total amount of Pygite collected
  • Under the information bar you can see your current mission name

On the left you can select your inventory and store by pressing the sword.

In the center you can select different parts of the map that you have gained access to travel to.

By pressing the book on the right, you can view any of the journal entries you have collected throughout the world.


  • Online Instructions: Links to this page that you are on right now
  • Restore Purchases: Restores all managed/non-consummable in-app purchases.
  • Enable Subtitles: Turn Subtitles on or off.
  • Invert Vertical: Toggle whether the Vertical Axis is inverted or not.
  • Invert Horizontal: Toggle whether the Horizontal Axis is inverted or not.

  • Rate Game: Links to the App Store where you can give Horn a rating.
  • Credits: View the names of the people who created Horn
  • Terms of Service: Link to legal stuff
  • Privacy: More legal stuff
  • Support: Link to our support email in case you encounter any issues

Survival Mode
To earn extra money, Horn can compete in exciting, Challenge-based fights in special zones called Survival Rooms. Each Hub has a unique Survival Room, where Horn can go to battle the enemies that inhabit that hub and stand up to dangerous and rewarding challenges.

Finding the Survival Room

Survival Rooms are marked with a yellow sunbeam and are unlocked by beating the first two missions in a Hub. Survival Rooms only have one mission, and selecting that mission will take Horn into an arena and raise a prompt to select a special challenge.

The Challenge Wheel

Upon entering a Survival Room, Horn will be presented with the Challenge Wheel. While in the Survival Room, Horn must adapt to a series of challenges that are randomly applied to the room through the challenge wheel. To spin the wheel, swipe it on the screen. The challenges will spin, and a random challenge will be presented.

At this point, you will be given two options: Accept or Respin.

  • Accept: Accept this challenge and spawn the next enemy.
  • Respin: Pay 100 pygite to respin the challenge wheel in order to try to get a different challenge.

After accepting a challenge, an enemy will spawn and the battle will survival will begin! Horn can fight for as long as he is able to survive and continue to earn money.

After a Battle

If you survive a battle and successfully complete the challenge presented to you, you'll be given the option to continue or finish playing challenges. Selecting continue will risk the bonus money you've earned so far to gamble for even more money, while selecting "Finish" will pay out all the money you've earned and return you to the Hub.

Horn's journey is based in Hub Levels. From these Hubs, Horn can access missions, forge weapons in the shop, visit any pygoids he has collected or start a Survival Challenge.


Running to a level selection door will let Horn choose a mission to play. If a mission is playable, its respective button will be illuminated. Tap a button to see a mission description, and have the option to either start the mission or exit back to the mission selection screen. To leave the level selection door without selecting a mission, simply touch the back arrow.


Throughout the course of the game, Horn has to collect pygon relic called seeds to open powerful pygon seals. Horn collects these seeds by completing missions. Horn can only collect 1 seed per mission, though replaying missions may yield other special surprises!


Forges and Fountains

While playing through missions, you may encounter special gates. These gates will allow Horn to crawl into unique and tranquil oasis areas. In these areas, Horn will find two things: a forge to upgrade his equipment, and a fountain that will restore his health. To use either of these items, simply click on them.


In longer missions, Horn will reach “Checkpoints” that will save his progress. Be warned though, these checkpoints will be cleared if you complete a mission or quit to the hub.


Pygite Shards

As you adventure, you can collect the blue pygite shards that are scattered throughout the world to collect extra pygite! Gather them by running through them. Use pygite to upgrade your equipment!

Hidden Cores

Every mission is littered with secret hidden Pygon Cores! Shoot these cores with your gauntlet to collect them. Cores are used to forge and upgrade equipment, as well as to forge new amulets to customize Horn's abilities in combat.


Shoot these cheeky pygon with your gauntlet for some extra pygite and a core!

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests are spread throughout the world. Tap on them to open them.


These small, blue pygon seem harmless and happy to meet you! Pygoids are a magical side-effect of the pygon curse, they are friendly and have no animal form. Collect them by walking near them and visit them in the Hub!


Being a blacksmith's apprentice, Horn can forge new weapons from himself based off of plans he can find in the world. Collect all the blueprints in order to open up the possibilities of what Horn can craft!


Reynes is a land with a rich history filled with a variety of colorful characters. Collect the pages of Reynes historical texts that you find throughout the world to learn more about the land Horn lives in, and maybe pick up some hints that will aid Horn in his quest!

Here, you can browse through all the journal entries you've found, learn more about the characters Horn meets on his journey, check out Horn's notes on the pygoids he has met, and read all of Horn's personal notes on his quest so far!

Star Tab

This Tab has every journal entry for easy browsing.

Pygoid Tab

This tab shows all of Horn's notes on the pygoids he has collected.

Characters Tab

This tab holds the biographies of every major character Horn encounters on his quest.

History Tab

This journal filter only shows the entries that pertain to the history of Reynes.

Journey Tab

This journal tab shows only Horn's handwritten notes on his quest so far.

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